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Listing Agent

Definition of term

A listing agent is a real estate professional who helps homeowners sell their properties. The listing agent markets the property to potential buyers and helps facilitate the negotiation process between the buyer’s agent and seller. The listing agent must work for a real estate brokerage, a company that provides support services to agents and handles some of the paperwork involved in selling a property. Some listing agents are also involved in property management, assisting landlords with finding tenants and maintaining their properties. Listing agents must obtain a license in the state where they work. To get a license, agents must complete a certain amount of education and pass an exam. Once licensed, listing agents must adhere to strict ethical standards set forth by their state's real estate commission. If you're thinking of selling your home, working with a listing agent can be a helpful way to manage the process. A listing agent will have experience marketing properties and will be able to give you advice on pricing your home competitively.

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